Saturday, March 29, 2008

My pretty wedding dress that my mom made

My sash

My wedding shoes!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Page

I do not plan to share this blog with anyone until after the wedding. But because I want it to have some substance when I finally do, I plan to start blogging now.

Ah, the wedding. That beautiful creation of man that spurs so many memories in the end and so many headaches now.


I've spent the last several days doing almost nothing except wedding stuff. I've printed announcements, invitations, bagged jelly bean favors, streamers, contemplated music and ceremony ideas, tried on my dress, thought about other people's dresses ... you get the idea.

Fortunately it all will end in 92 days.

92 days.

I don't write about Luke's changing training and deployment schedule on the other blog, mostly because when it's real time information that other people are reading... and it changes so often ... well, no need to share that stuff with his family or mine, for that matter.

Right now, however, it looks like he may be leaving as early as October. this is a great change from the other most recent news - a March, 2009 deployment. That sits better with me at this time, but I doubt once it approaches Ill be happy. As it stands, I am very not happy about October. October?! We'll have been married all of three months. Not enough for him to go off and risk dying.


I dont want to think about that right now.