Monday, March 11, 2013

Whole30 19-24 These Hips Don't Lie

It happened. Thursday evening, for the first time in a year and five months and a mere 7 days before Huck's first birthday I hit my target -- I wore my pre-baby jeans.

Once upon a time (ie before I got pregnant with Huck) I was in the best shape ever. I was interested in being more toned and more fit and less flabby here and there but overall, for the first time in my life, I was happy with my weight.

Since mid-last summer I have been working hard to get back there. I felt like I just Could. Not. Drop. The. Weight. While Luke was gone last July I got rid of a few pounds ... and then let them creep back on when he got home.

When I started seriously diet -- restricting my intake and basically being mildly hungry all the time -- I started to see the number creep down. But that's no way to live. I HATE calorie counting. I HATE the guilt. I HATE the nagging, growling tummy wondering why I think it's OK to just drink a light soy latte for breakfast.

Whole30 appealed to me because it offered freedom -- a way to break free from my slavery to dieting while, instead, just focusing on eating real food and getting away from addictive food that holds me captive and keeps from reaching my goals.

Now that we're a mere week away from finishing this whole thing, the meal planning and cooking and eating right thing is easy peasy. I've gotten used to the morning routine of cooking before I work  -- and I'm actually enjoying it. I like my avocado laden lunchtime salad. And dinner, while still a pain, has gotten much easier. Planning it is easier. I'm not laboring over finding recipes. It's almost -- almost -- sustainable full time.

That's not to say we haven't had some weird moments. I've had headaches almost every single day for more than a week and [overshare warning] a period like none other. And this afternoon I meditated upon how a cold, crisp diet coke would feeling rolling through my mouth. (I crave diet coke when my head hurts).

After much contemplation, a little internet research and asking a few folks I've determined that these things are due to the release of extra estrogen in my body thanks to all the fat burning I've been doing. Isn't that just fabulous?


It makes me think that, even though we are so close to the end and will definitely be taking a break day Saturday as we celebrate Huck's 1st birthday (WHAT?!) that I should keep going until I no longer get headaches.


What's up?

Anywho. Here's what we've been eating -- you can see I've given up entirely on writing down even the days of the week. And the only reason I remember any of this is because I'm looking at my menu from last week.

Day 19:
Crock pot mango chicken. Now, you're going to look at this. And you're going to think "wow that sounds fruity and spicy and AMAZING." And you'd be right. It totally sounds like that. But it did not taste like that. Neither of the kids would touch it. Luke soldiered through it like a champ. I ate fried eggs instead.

Day 20:
Butternut squash stew. I thought this was pretty good. Luke? Not so much. I just 10 minutes ago tossed the leftovers down the garbage disposal. And thus ends our relationship with that meal.

Day 21:
Meatballs. Again. Because they were THAT good.

Day 22:
Luke was at work late so we ate leftovers.

Day 23:
Hamburgers in cabbage "buns" (read: a cabbage leaf. There was no bun or bun shaped item involved).

Day 23:
Tomato soup for lunch -- mighty good -- and taco soup for potluck dinner with small group.

Day 24:
Meaty taco salad (with this taco seasoning) I was SUPER skeptical about this. But OMG was it good. And really easy! Amy wins.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Whole30 15-18: Whiter Teeth?

This is going to sound crazy, but I swear my teeth are whiter since starting this thing.

How that is possible I definitely don't know. But I swear it is true.

Whole30 people swear that you experience this giant burst of energy compared to your normal lifestyle. Well, either my normal lifestyle wasn't so bad to start with or they are wrong -- but I feel like I have just as much energy as I've ever had. Perhaps I'm dragging less mid-afternoon (prime nap time for all) but nothing super noticeable.

I have had a pretty killer headache off and on over the last few days. Since it's the end of the month ifyaknowwhatImean, I figure the headache is associated with that. Anyway, as it turns out the time that I really, Really, REALLY want a diet coke is when I have a headache. Like ... really.

But what is definitely NOT associated with that are my very sore tonsils which, if you look at them with good light in the mirror, you can see are SUPER GROSS. (You wanted to know that).

Translation: either tonsillitis or strep is in my future. AWESOME. I'm doing the whole sinus rinse/gargling bit with a prayer to keep sickness away, but if my history is an indicator this is going to be super fun.

Tomorrow nonetheless we'll be hitting up Boot Camp (provided Huck's nose isn't dis-gus-ting) and truck on with our normal lives. Because that is how we roll around here.

So what have we been eating? Well, I'll tell you! I'm so glad you asked.

Friday (Day 15): These chicken nuggets (and the sauce listed with them) with sweet potato fries. I'm sad to report that they are not as good as coconut fried shrimp. Bummer, right? Apparently the key to coconut fried shrimp being delicious is the shrimp part. Chicken just doesn't cut it. They were also a lot of work. Uncool.

Saturday (Day 16): The guys ate a burger for lunch while I went to a baby shower and ate some hard boiled eggs that I stashed in my bag. For dinner: grilled lamb steaks with asparagus. Yum. No recipe. Luke just did his thing. Funny story: we thought they were veal steaks because even I thought I was buying Lamb they were labeled "veal." It was like a mystery dinner.

Sunday (Day 17): For lunch we had this delicious butternut squash soup using bone broth I made from the chicken I roasted Friday for lunches. I love this soup. Luke does not. Dinner was meatballs (again), which we took to our small group.

Monday (Day 18): These chicken wings were pretty tasty with this "ranch" sauce. They weren't a ton of work and they hit the spot. Not sure I'll make them regularly, though.