Saturday, October 3, 2009

Email Envy

Luke managed to get on email for a few hours last night. I am sorry to report I did not benefit from that whatsoever. The person who got the majority of his email time devoted to her dissevered every single sec spent on it and a hundred million more -- but it would be very nice if I had gotten a line. Or something. ANYTHING.

In other news, our productivity was not nearly as awesome this week as it was last week. I did start hitting the Y again after a way too long hiatus. Felt good. I've started working on all of the things I said I would work on before Luke comes home ... this includes reorganizing a boat load of cabinets in this house. So far I've done the kitchen. Next the linen closet, bathroom and storage closet (which just needs some baskets to contain the organization that's already going on).

Baby Dave and I have been working on his all night sleeping skills. He started solid foods last Saturday -- which was super fun -- and hes moved to a 4 hour instead of 3 hour schedule. He is also sleeping through the night -- in that he now only cries once or twice and I ignore him instead of feeding him and then he goes back to sleep. It's working out well for two reasons -- hes getting the picture and ultimately I get sleep more. And we all know that last one is VERY GOOD.

Days until Luke comes home: who knows? But less than 60 (me = optimistic).

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