Friday, September 25, 2009

Productivity Central

Thanks to our little trip ending Monday this has been the Longest. Week. Ever.

It has ALSO been the most productive in a very, very long time!

Just because it makes me feel good about myself I will now give a short run down of only SOME of my accomplishments:

-- Shopped for and purchased next size up car seat for Dave
-- Replaced tires on the Tempo
-- Branded, produced and printed advertising for upcoming PWOC retreat
-- Attended Tuesday morning Bible study
-- Attended Wednesday morning PWOC
-- Organized and printed publicity stuff for PWOC board meeting
-- Organized church care package drive and printed supplies
-- Made PWOC and care package drive advertising boards
-- Switched out all of Dave's clothes with the next size up
-- Fetched Abigail from the airport
-- Took Dave to the park to ride on the swing for this first time
-- Went on multiple walks
-- Bought tickets to Idaho for Thanksgiving
-- Hung frames I've been meaning to hang

... and more! And there's one more whole day left in the week! And all of this with a sick kid. That's right, Dave was sick for the First Time Ever this week. Stupid plane gave him a cold. He's much better now, but I'll spare you the details on the snot.

And now I'm exhausted. I swear I had more to say but I'm so zonked I can't remember what it is. So, until later -- goodnight and good luck... or ... something.

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