Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home ... or ...?

Being back in D.C. is kind of surreal. Nothing here ever changes -- the streets get more potholes and the faces are different (to some extent) but as far as the feel and look of the city, it's all the same and has been for a very long time.

And so coming home to here feels good because it still feels like home. I love this city and its feel -- the busy busy of everyone, the constant politics on the radio and the fact that from the moment I set foot in its borders I suddenly cared again about what was going on in the House/Senate. Things I didn't give a moment's thought to in Seattle (because it was easy to ignore) are suddenly at the front of my attention - Senators, Congressmen and the political drama I so used to love.

I spent today visiting hospitals. I started at Walter Reed only to discover that one of the guys had been transfered to another hospital because his wife had gone into labor. So I dropped off cards for solider number one then went to Bethesda with cards and baby gifts for soldier number two and his wife.

It was neat (and the Naval Hospital is swanky! Compared to MAMC that place is really styling. Remind to have a baby there instead next time).

After our Naval Hospital Adventure (where we ran into Dana's husband ... oh and we saw Dana yesterday! That was super fun. Baby Bella is a cutie. We ate Five Guys (duh?) and went and saw a Truly Terrible Movie called All About Steve. Dont. See. It. I think I actually LOST intelligence while watching it) I drove down to Ebs so I could bump into the church staff. That was fun ... and the home I came.

And now I am tired.

Veeka is being a super great kid. We dropped her off for her school/daycare this morning and then picked her up at about 5 p.m., made dinner, watched her kiddo shows together and then, at about 7:20 p.m., she said "I'm going to sleep now," and had me take her to bed.


Now if only Baby Dave would sleep ...

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  1. What kind of adventures should we have next week? It has a lot to live up to hehe.