Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday I decided to forgo my plans to see the Newseum (and on the free, too! Sad) in the name of letting Dave take a series of very much needed naps. He ended up sleeping more during the day yesterday than he has for many weeks. I guess he needed it.

He is getting to be suuuuch a big boy -- five months next week! Isn't that crazy? And he's becoming quite the little person. I can now put him in his bed and will him into taking a nap -- it's like we've developed an understanding. He knows that I am NOT going to come get him, so he might as well just sleep.


I would post a little photo action of our D.C. time, but alas I did not bring our camera cord with us. So you'll just have to wait until we get home. Instead, I give you this:

That was taken just before we left for D.C. ... that gives a general idea of how my little monkey man is looking these days. Isn't he cute?!

This afternoon we will spend some more time hanging out at Ebs (one can never ever spend TOO much time hanging out at Ebs), followed by a little visit to the Jefferson (location of Where Luke First Said "I Love You." Sentimental, much?). We started the day visiting Aimee (at Ebs, duh) and then did lunch out at TWT (where my former editor was wearing a Christmas tie. Yes, in September. I know!).

We head home Monday morning. Honestly? I'm ready. Only because I miss my stuff and my friends and all the home-ness of it. I love Love LOVE being here ... but yes, we are ready to go home. I also have a ton-o stuff to do next week. A sampling:

-- Newcomers orientation pitch Tuesday morning
-- PWOC Wednesday morning including a presentation that I must prepare for Tuesday
-- Memorial service Thursday for two guys in a sister battalion
-- Organize a box drive at church for our battalion
-- Plan and get invitations for a dinner party I plan to throw the end of October
-- Mail Luke a box that I have sitting in my house awaiting my arrival back home

You get the idea.

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  1. It's going to be an awesome dinner party! I'm super excited.