Monday, September 14, 2009


This post brought to you from my favorite seat in Ebenezers at 2nd and F Street NE. I used to hang out in this seat every morning blogging and jounrnaling and contemplating both work and, more importantly, where I was headed in this great big world.

And here I am, baby in tow.

We heard a really phenomenal sermon by Pastor Mark on Saturday night -- lots of things to think about in terms of life sacrifice and what we are willing to give up to gain the Kingdom of God. ..

"Someone once said that the problem with being a living sacrifice is that you can get up and walk off the alter."

I am always afraid when coming back here that I will somehow regret my decision to leave in the first place. I am afraid that I will be sorry that I accepted living sacrifice status and, like Pastor Mark said, get up and walk off the alter. "Excuse me, my bad. I think I'll go home now."

That morning so long ago that I dropped my keys on the floor of the 10th street house and left on my big new adventure I was actually giving up my plans as I had thus far known them. Thus far I have not regretted that decision ... but coming back to this place always presents the possibility of that happening.

I am happy to report that, so far at least, those feelings have not come about.

In other news, D.C. is wonderful -- and wonderfully weird, as usual. Spotted last night: a half naked man with what looked like a miner's light strapped to his forehead taking out the trash.

I should also note, while I'm talking about weird things, that both best friends on both sides of the country have randomly experienced smelly refrigerators in the recent past. As I am the only thing that links these two people I want to go ahead and state that I am responsible for neither Hyla's nor Abigail's really smelly incidents. Just for the record.

Tonight: Generous George's with Tricia! Woo hoo!

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  1. Dude, I heard last night that Generous George's closed yesterday! I couldn't believe it!!