Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Because There's Not Enough Drama ON the TV ...

... we need drama WITH the TV, too.

Remember how I ruined the TV by touching it? And then bought another one. And how that one was broken when it arrived?

Late last week another new TV arrived -- this one to our house (instead of, like the first one, to the store). Luke said he'd make sure it, too, was not broken before accepting the delivery. He took a quick peek in the box, and everything seemed to be in order.

It wasn't. When we took the TV all the way out of the box it was clear -- this one was broken too.


What are the odds of both the original TV and the replacement TV being broken when they arrived? WHO is the person dropping our TVs?! And WHY does crap like this happen to me?

So here we were, after a month, still without a TV. Luke had even missed his most anticipated football game because the new broken one arrived the day afterward. And calling Walmart and canceling the whole thing wasn't really an option ... there's no way we'd be able now (AFTER the Christmas sales) to find a TV for that price and that size. No way at all.

But I was determined in the heat of the moment to never, ever deal with Walmart again, particularly on the subject of TVs. And since we couldn't order a replacement for the replacement anyway since they were out of stock, we went ahead and bought a 10 inch smaller TV for just under what we paid for the bigger one.


Meanwhile, Luke doesn't feel like our new, much smaller TV is big enough. Since he is the sports watcher I can't blame him. Small TVs don't bother me. So we are going to hold on to the smaller TV with the plan of MAYBE returning it IF they get the bigger TV in stock and can send it not broken before the return time is up. Or something.

Maybe the third time is the charm?



  1. grrrr! Thats so annoying! Could you by chance by a really small TV that you could use later in another room and wait until the TV you want is in stock and not broken? Just an idea that might make you happy now and later? Sorry that is happening though I'm sure it is EXTREMELY annoying. I actually got something broken in the mail for the first time ever and I thought of you right away. I hope they get their act together soon! Sorry!!

  2. I had thought of that but I can't think of a time that we'd WANT another TV, with the exception of like years and years from now when we start doing real school with David. I'm sure we could use it there. OR we could use the regular one! Gr.