Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Days of Former Fame

Days of former fame, ah yes, when I sat down at my blog and wrote about absolutely nothing in a wonderfully entertaining way. What happened? What happened to blogging with reckless abandon?
Oh days of former fame ...

I ate oatmeal for dinner tonight. This seemed to be a good alternative to nachos, which is the other thing that sounded good. Nachos has sounded delicious since, oh, last Friday when I had it for dinner. It also sounded delicious Saturday (when I had Mexican food with chips instead), Sunday (when my nacho attempts were thwarted by an evil restaurant with a broken oven) and last night (when I ate nachos made by me). I plan to eat nachos Thursday at the "coffee," held at Farrelli's.

My point is that sometimes I need to not eat nachos for dinner. So I ate oatmeal instead.

I'm watching Lipstick Jungle, which seems to be a tamer version of Sex and the City, a show I love .... minus all the way too graphic sex scenes. It's just ... too educational. Yeah.

Luke left again this morning for the field. This time he is just on Fort Lewis, with cell phone, and coming home next week for two days. It just doesn't feel like he's really gone. So I'm not upset about it.

Plus, being completely honest here, I haven't been sleeping that well and I think it's because the room is hot with the boy/heater. I miss my boy/heater, and when he gets home we'll try sleeping with the window open a little bit more so that I am not so hot. And then maybe it will be better.

This evening I walked around the lake and talked to God. I miss walking and talking to God, and having time at my favorite hang out just before work to write and talk to God. I need to find a new Ebs .... Lacoste is not it.


  1. I can't seem to write wonderfully indepth blogs about nothing anymore either! Weird.

    Annnyway, way to go on the walk n' talk with God. Always a good idea, always.

    Oh and now I want nachos.

  2. um... I believe there were several very obvious opportunities for Hyla-mentioning in this post and I didn't see any at all!