Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Doodle that Can't be Undid

So, my eggo is preggo, which explains the whole "I'm not posting these days because I feel like crap" thing.

Therefore, a quick update to satiate your burning ... eyes.

1. I think I'm due in May
2. If you ask me if this was planned, I will stab you in the eye. With a fork. Or whatever. That's just how I roll.
3. I sleep like 10 hours a night, plus napping anytime I can snag one. I've always been a supporter of the napping ... industry ... this just legitimizes the whole thing.
4. I started working at World Vision in the afternoon three days a week
5. I still swim as many times during the week as I can
6. I really like ramen and cottage cheese right now. No, not at the same time.
7. Luke is leaving for five or so weeks Tuesday, so between all the sleeping and eating and swimming and working I should be good.

The End (for now).


  1. So you've got two jobs and Ive got ZERO?! that doesn't seem fair...hehehe....BUT nice to know I can discuss your "fertility" out in public now without letting the baby out of the bag ;-)

  2. You are funny. I was wondering when this post was going to surface. Now when we're socializing together, I don't have to be careful not to let it slip. :)

  3. Well that was fast......I'm jealous.

  4. oh and also: nice Juno references. I'll steal them when I finally get knocked up you know right about the time your third one comes along.