Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why, oh why, oh why-oh?

Why oh why, oh why-oh?
Why did I ever leave Ohio?
Maybe I'd better go home.
Bernstein, "Wonderful Town"

OK, maybe I don't feel like that, um, at all. But Ohio was very nice this time nonetheless.

-- It was warm, not freezing-I-could-die cold
-- I saw a ton of a really awesome, really good friends. It's amazing how even when you haven't seen people for a very long time you can still click just like ... that ... based on past, shared experiences.
-- Good to spend time getting to know Luke's family, who lets face it, I'm a little biased against based on past experiences.

In short, other than the whole flying thing (I felt SO sick both times) it was an awesome experience. Ohio is truly beautiful in the summer (I was shocked). If I was more into the whole ... corn fields ... thing, I might like to live there.

But I'm not. And upon landing in dreary Seattle, seeing the Sound in the distance and being surrounded once more by trees I remembered how much I love it here. It's not that I don't miss D.C. -- I do, but this is more homeish to me than anywhere I've lived since my real "home" on the foggy beach in California.

As for the reception, it was lovely. I met a ton of people I do not know and may never see again, but that doesn't matter. Luke cares about them so it was good to be a part of it.

And now back to the old grind ... or is it a grind? I've got a job I love, friends that are wonderful, a husband that loves me, freedom to do what I want several hours a day, a swimming pool that isn't half bad most of the time (stupid Army people not withstanding), a beautiful area to live in and interesting adventures almost every weekend.

Coming soon: Amy's first real state fair experience with a real fair boy. Brought to you by the Puyallup Fair.

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