Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain drop on roses, Etc.

And now for the time of day where I tell you my favorite things, because you know how much you care!

Favorite chips: Miss Vickies jalapeno, because they are spicy and awesome
Favorite Asian lady: Crazy Asian Lady, the one that takes naps in her boat of a town car outside my coffee shop, which she always manages to park in such a way that I'm sure she will one day damage something.
Favorite drugged-Luke moment: When, dispite having his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning, he insisted on eating marshmallows and chocolate. "I'm just going to let them melt in my mouth," he said as he clutched the candy. I took them away and hid them in a closet.
Favorite pool: Keeler, bar none. This is the secret pool portal for special swimmers only, but I found it -- yes me! And if I can get in there, I get to swim mostly alone and in a pool that is not 1,000 degrees (this is a rant for a different time, but believe me, it is coming. I just have to wait until some stupid Army dude pisses me off enough, and then - bam! you're in for it).

Meanwhile, in coffee house land, I'm trying to take over the world. I finally decided that my whole semi-obsession with managing this dump is not so much based on desire for glory as boredom, and therefore I don't really care if he pays me more. I just want something more to do ...

It really didn't take any convincing -- I was surprised.

"I think there's enough down time, that, if you wanted, I could do the scheduling for you," I said.

"Oh! Excellent," said Bossman. And that was it.

We'll see how this goes.

Ah, Ohio. God's country? Not sure. But we are going there anyway ...

Maybe I just feel completely unprepared for this trip -- maybe I just haven't obsessed over it enough, or I just don't care. We'll be there for 4.5 days, whether I like it or not, meeting my future brother in law and seeing some good, old friends from College Days of Yore.

Pictures forthcoming, no doubt.

Really the thing is that I'm just sick of traveling. Why can't I be left here in peace? I don't want to get on a plane or go anywhere for a VERY long time after this ... oh wait, we have to go back to Ohio for Luke's sister's wedding in October. Sigh, so much for that.


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