Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amy Loves Sports! A special this week only!

You heard it right, I love sports -- but only until the Olympics are over.

I first noticed this strange sports loving phenomenon a few years ago during the world cup when I felt inlined to ditch work (and did!) to watch the USA team play a mid-day match. Unprecidented. So weird.

Under normal circumstances you couldn't pay me to do something like that, and it's well known that I see major sporting events as an opportunity to talk to my friends non stop and eat chips while boys watch the TV for a few hours.

And yet this morning I watched a full two quarters of the USA v. China basketball game of my own volition and, shocking, actually enjoyed it.

And then I watched volleyball. And then I watched swimming. And then I watched diving.

It's out of control over here!

And so I ask myself -- why? Why the duce would I love these sports and not others?

Because when it comes to the USA as one cohesive unit playing against all the other countries I actually care. It's clean cut, us against them -- and for some reason I just cannot grip that when it's up between whatever team and whatever team. BORING!

Luke thinks that I'm crazy and that it's all the same thing. Also, he doesn't understand how I can enjoy the sport and not be screaming at the TV.

"Because screaming at the TV helps the people on the other side win. They feel it in their spirit," says Luke.
"And your football team has not won the championship in two years despite the screaming because...?" I ask.
"I haven't been able to watch the game in two years! I was working. I don't always scream while I'm working." he says.



  1. I'm officially sucked into the Olympics. But I do love sports so I guess it makes sense.

  2. It's true! It's hard for them to hear fake screaming, but if you really care you will jump up and down in front of the tv and scream like an idiot for your team!