Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rainy Days and .... Everyday

After sweltering and melting into a tiny little puddle of Amy for three days last weekend, the Washington weather turned and left us with (just guess) rain. Lots and lots of rain. Rain pretty much for five days straight.

And now it's beautiful again.

Don't get me wrong -- even the day it was so wet that I could've kayaked to work I was grateful for the temperature change. That 90-something sun shine left my apartment very, very stuffy and no amount of window opening could change that.

We plan to enjoy today's sunshine with a trip to Point Defiance, one of my favorite area places.

Maybe we'll stop for chowder at a restaurant down there that makes the most delicious clam chowder ... mmm....

Which brings me to all the hunger. I've been basically starving lately, and it's really starting to drive me crazy. While I was contemplating the bajillion pounds this problem is libel to force on me if I cater to it, I decided that from now on I'm basically going to ignore the hunger and drink more diet coke.

That's right, diet coke is the answer to everything.

Abigail, I feel you should remember that.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! Oh, I will, I will...

    Oh, and I bought you the bestest present in the WHOLE WORLD yesterday....just you wait.