Friday, August 15, 2008

And now there's a hole

It was an Anne of Green Gables moment -- magical, really -- or maybe that's too cheesy. But nonetheless, I sat in Bible study that first time and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two of us would be fast friends. I had had that moment before, standing in front of Ebenezers with Dana, informing a certain Hyla that we should be friends. I knew what that moment meant -- I had found a kindred spirit.

When that stupid Cpt. loud mouthed at that ridiculous fight night last spring that all upcoming captains would be moved away from Fort Lewis, it was like my little stable world -- and stability is sooo anti-Army -- was crumbling around me. I jabbed Luke, "they canNOT leave," I said, "they canNOT."

"Yes they can," he said. "That's what people in the Army do --they leave."

And so they did. I didn't get to say goodbye, either, but maybe that's for the best. After all, I suck at goodbyes and always end up cracking slightly out of place jokes about things that really aren't that funny to start with.

The good news is that she will come back, and maybe my little anti-stable world will teeter a little less, what with all the sarcastic wit and such.

Abigail, we need you. Counting the days until your return.


  1. So, finally got to this post after traveling across several states....but I'm glad to find that the internet lets us continue to banter back and forth on a semi-daily basis.

    Oh, and its not cool to make a girl cry in the middle of a new coffee shop. not cool ;-)


  2. apparently, I haven't read your blog in a really long time... thanks for the shoutout! You were right about us and you were right about the cute boy with the classical music training, too!