Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Apples Up On Top!

I think my two favorite things about fall are the pretty color changes and the fruit. Let's be honest -- apples when they are in season are about as good as it gets. Apple pie. Apple crisp. Apple muffins. Apples and caramel. Apple cider.

Apples everywhere!

Tonight I made apple and pumpkin muffins -- my house smells so, so good. Delicious!

One of my other favorite fall things is reading books. And what's better than reading books? Buying books! Tomorrow is the public library sale and I am soooooo excited. I've promised myself I won't buy anything except childrens' books. Except under special circumstances, a really amazing book, something.

Meanwhile, Luke is in the field doing field stuff and, you know, not talking to me. That's how it goes.

I love Fridays, though, because if I can get home early enough, I can take a late afternoon nap. (I LOVE naps!). And then I get to stay up a little later than usual watching movies or whatever. And THEN I get to sleep in as late as my little heart desires. Lord, but I love sleeping.

Now, tomorrow I have to stick pretty close to home, for the most part. Why? Because of the most ridiculous lab test in the whole wide world. And you really dont want me to go into detail about this because it's just ridiculous and kinda gross. So I'm going to stop.

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  1. Buying books is my favorite. I just bought Lana this adorable book for her birthday - her favorite thing right now is dogs, so it's called "My Dog." Would you like a dizzy, frizzy, busy dog?