Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's not just about apples....

I was reminiscing (I love reminiscing) about days of yore ... or ... you know, last fall ... and I realized that the truth is apples or no, I just like baking in the fall. Yesterday I made some scrumptious pumpkin apple muffins and today I discovered mini no bake graham cracker apple tarts. And they are delicious!

The truth is that I am supposed to make dessert for small group on Wednesday. Now, with humility never being a real strong point of mine, I have said a thing or two about making truly delicious desserts. I feel that this has to be my piece de resistance, if you will.

So I decided to go after something new and extra tasty -- thus landing upon this apple graham cracker business.

I am entirely and truly addicted to Heroes. I just finished Season One, and, wouldn't you know it, Season Two arrived in the mail yesterday. Go me.

So while I sit here and wait out the timing on this ridiculous lab test so I can get on with my life, I'm watching the first episode of Season Two, see how like it.

And then I'm thinking about jetting down to the cafe by the water and reading a book while drinking a hot liquid. Mmmm delicious. Then I will visit the lab. And theeeeen I will take some of my delicious cooked things to the Fellowship House where I will probably not spend much time, but be sociable nonetheless.

And tomorrow! Tomorrow morning Luke gets home, and I think he'll be here for a day or two. And then on Wednesday! I'm picking up Abigail from the airport (yay for THAT) and then on Saturday? I'm picking up Hyla (yay again).

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