Thursday, October 9, 2008


Luke left again this morning for the field. He was only back for two days ... just enough for me to realize how much I miss him when he's gone. As always.

Now,when we were on our honeymoon we drove past a creek -- MacDonald Creek -- which prompted me to sing a song about how Old MacDonald had a creek... and in that creek he had a manatee [best thing I could come up with right then].

After being in the field for several days Luke is very tired and wants to sleep (get this) even more than I do. Boy howdy, that's a lot. So he snookered me into going to bed Tuesday before I was tired enough to go to sleep. So to entertain myself (and OK, fine, to annoy Luke) I decided to lay in bed singing the bedtime classic Old MacDonald had a Manatee, with a fun fill in the blank feature for Luke.

But Luke was, well, sleeping. So the song went something lik this.

Amy: Old MacDonald had a manatee, ee-i-ee-oh. And for that manatee he had a .... [waits for Luke to answer]
Luke: thermals
Amy: Thermals?
Luke: Thermals
Amy: no, a bathtub!
Luke: no, make him take thermals.
Amy: [huh?]
Luke: [sits up suddenly] did I just say thermals?
Amy: ummmm yes, instead of bathtub. Weird.
Luke: I was having a dream that Sgt. [blah blah blah] was saying that [soldier blah blah blah] was going out, and I told him to have him take his thermals. And Sgt. [blah blah blah] said "no, a bathtub!" and I said "no, his thermals!"


This is the part where we say a lot of good things about Hyla, who is coming to visit me in a week and a day!

Woohoo! Now, she made the mistake of hitting me up 15 minutes after I got out of bed, on a very cold day a few hours after my husband left for another four days in the field. Excitement for anything, save more sleeping, is hard to round up at that hour.

However! At 4:55 p.m., after eating some delicious food, excitement is more than ready and, so, YAY HYLA!

Speaking of delicious food, I've been craving grilled ham and cheese from the basement cafe on the House side of the capitol building. Major problem with that is the location of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. and me, well, here.

So I had to come up with my own ... I pretty much did that. So I ate two of those, without worrying about gaining a bazillion pounds...

And why am I not worried about gaining pounds? Because I went to the doctor yesterday, heard my baby's heartbeat and found out that I had gained LESS than a pound in the last month! And don't you know that I've been pigging out on cinnamon rolls, nachos and all sorts of tasty things. So I can eat two delicious sandwiches and chips if I want to or not ....


  1. Maybe its just common for Army wives to go to bed before they're good and ready because they have overly-sleepy husbands ( I know Ive been there)....whatever the case, you definitely with the originality award for entertaining yourself...

    Oh, and I'm coming to visit too...let's not forget that ;-)

  2. You crack me up! I'm so glad you heard the baby's heartbeat AND that you're able to abosolutely pig out and gain less then a pound. Score! Have fun with your company!