Friday, June 12, 2009

Fat Burning Friday

It's been a week since I posted ... but I've been busy. I'm not sure with what, come to think of it, but I know I was doing stuff the entire time. Wednesday Shelly came into town to visit - so I know what I've been doing since then. But before that? Not a clue, really ...

Except that I do know I was going to the gym. I confess that I did NOT go Saturday and Sunday like I had wanted, mostly because child care was not open on Saturday when I could get over there (in the a.m.) and on Sunday when I had planned to go Dave desperately needed a nap in his crib, not in the car seat surrounded by other noisy children. So I stayed home.

I stuck to my work out all week, increasing my run mileage to 2 miles and doing swims on the off days. I've hit the point where I'm starting to feel like the exercising is DOING something. Today in the pool I could feel my pull was stronger, like there was some new found muscle behind it.

And this muscle could be to blame on the slow down in weight loss. Muscle, I remind myself, is heavy and when it increases even tho you are technically burning the fat away the numbers arent going to go down as quickly.

And thus:

Lost this week: 1
To go: 14

On Monday I head out to Ohio for a week of wedding work/festivities and to introduce Dave to his midwest family. I'm actually getting quite excited about this and really honestly looking forward to seeing everyone there. I mean it.

I doubt Ill have time to update next week, so this may be the last you hear from me until I've got wedding pictures to post.

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