Friday, June 5, 2009

Fat Burning Friday

I've decided to start a little blog series to keep on track with my plans for skinny awesomeness. This was inspired by a mommy money blog I read. The plan is to make my weekly confession regarding how wicked or holy I've been regarding getting in shape while Luke is gone. 

First you should know how I roll and how I plan to make this whole exercise thing a success:

-- I joined the Y, a place I enjoy working out that has child care. Enjoying the facility is key to getting me there.
-- I am making exercise and health my top daily priority (after taking care of Dave and Jesus, of course).
-- I am making eating well and self control a priority as well. It helps that I can't eat any dairy because of Dave. Everything delicious is made with dairy. 

So every week I'm going to brief you on what I did exercise wise and give a tally of the lbs lost. 

Here it goes:

I joined the Y last Saturday and went for my first workout Sunday. My plan is to run and/or bike and do weights/ab work three days a week, rewarding myself with at least a mile in the pool three other days. I really really don't like the run/bike/weight circuit compared to the pool, so I basically have to bait myself to do it. If I miss a run/bike/weight day, I make up for it by missing a day in the pool. Wednesday is my day off. 

Since starting Monday I've managed to stick to the plan. I swam a mile Sunday, Tuesday and this morning and ran Monday and Thursday with plans to do it again tomorrow. Since I havent run in eons, I started out with a mile 1.25 on Monday (although that was kind of a joke ... baby Dave wasn't cooperating) and 1.5 Thursday. I hope to knock it up at least .25 tomorrow, maybe more.

As for the weight, I'm not going to 'fess up on the starting number. Here are the stats, however. 

Day before baby was born: Big Giant Number
Monday weigh in: 29 lbs less than that
Today: 33 lbs lost.
Loss goal starting right now: 15 lbs

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  1. If you need moral support for eating well just call me up...I have to eat super healthy as well so I can totally understand your efforts. However, I cant say I'd be any help or motivation on the whole working out thing haha.