Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok, so I'm not THAT sick. It's actually more annoying this way, I think, because I'm not nearly sick enough to get any sort of pity, just sick enough to FEEL blah and NOT like exercising at ALL.

But it's gorgeous and sunny out and so sooooo soooooooo pretty that we simply HAD to go out. So we took a 3.5 mile walk and called it "good." This is more than I did yesterday when I just sat on my couch and watched Gilmore Girls, courtesy of the local library. It felt good.

It is not good, however, for the triathlon training. Nor is the ungodly number of (rather delicious, I admit) twizzlers I ate while sitting on the couch (I mean you might as well go all the way if you're going to do something decidedly un-triatlon-ish.

I DID however, drive over the run course on post. So that's something.

In other news, Dave is happily munching on cheese and scrambled eggs and a little bread. It's adorable.

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  1. mmmmm twizzlers. I wish I could have spent the day with you :-(