Monday, February 22, 2010

Nothing New. No, Really.

I was all set last night to jump into a really long blog post about the mystery that is Amy Watching the Olympics, when it dawned on me that this theme seemed vaguely familiar.

And guess what? It is! Why? Because I wrote the EXACT SAME THING the LAST time the Olympics were on! Really, this isn't that surprising. I'm a creature of habit.

Dave is ALSO a creature of habit ... except his habits change constantly. Not unlike fashion fads, if you will. For example, two weeks ago going around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth was ALL the rage. Now, tongue is usually where it belongs and we've moved on to the super-fun activity of clapping all. the. time. And it's ADORABLE. Because when he looks SO excited and starts clapping, you can't help be get excited with him, clap along and say "yay!! good job!!"

Seriously, it's a big party here people, 24/7.

Recently it's also been a SUNNY party. Why? Because it's been gorgeous out! Something about El Nino and not so much rain.

Sadly the sunny party that COULD be turned into an sunny party where everyone looks really skinny because of all the running that happens in good weather is really just a regular, not so skinny party with lots and lots of kleenex. This is because of my head cold that continues to linger. I'm going to go ahead and blame Kellie. Kellie, you stalker, I know you're reading this. 'Fess up.

In other, related news, the rain is expected to return tomorrow. Perfect. I bet I wake up healthy then.

But no worries! Because even when that happens I am in possession of "Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease" ... yes, you read that right.

And this, too, counts as "nothing new," because -- get what? -- it's like a step by step on how to be a strip dancer and NOT actually an exercise video. Oh yes, I checked.

Now you are wondering WHY I have this in my house. It was the top exercise video on and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Plus it looked like something I could easily make fun of here on my blog. Guess what! It is!

First of all, it starts with this disclaimer that not ALL the exercises may be appropriate for everyone. Ya think? Then it promises that I'll be "ready to tease in no time." And says things like "do not underestimate the importance of the finger in the mouth. It looks hot."


I did, in fact, try following some of the instruction. To do this I took off my sweat shirt. I figured that was appropriate. And then I did the beginners "exercise" routine. Other than my sweat shirt removal there was no actual recommended stripping. So that's (positive) false advertising.

Let's just say -- I'll stick to zumba. Mmmk.

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  1. Home! And catching up. The cold thing - still hanging on - amped up I am sure by the germ infested nephews I have.
    5 Guys - delicious. I am thankful to not have peanut allergies - sheesh. Must say that the grilled cheese the nephews didn't eat turned out to be tasty 6 hours later in traffic heading home at dinner time! Surprising, yes.
    I was in AM Northwest's studio audience when Carmen Electra did the promo of that DVD a year plus ago! Ha! Cringed the entire segment.