Monday, December 13, 2010

Fate Cometh

It has taken every ounce of my self control not to spend my entire weekend impatiently waiting for this afternoon. We are about to find out where will next move -- and the suspense has the potential to eat me alive.

Truly, we could've found out Friday. But by the time the hubby realized that the email with the link to his orders was in his inbox, and that said link wasn't working and he would have to call branch to find out what they said -- it was after business hours.

Ahhhhhhhh! It was like the Army was taunting me "I know where you're going -- but you can't! Hahahahah!!!"

Evil, evil Army.

But no worries, we're going to hopefully find out today. And since I wouldn't want to leave you out of the fun of suspense ...

Here are the possibilities (we think). They are in somewhat order of how we ranked them, although I'm kinda regretting it now since I made the mistake of googling Campbell and their gym looks awful and pool-less (not to mention pricey to use!):

1. Fort Carson (yesssss this is really the only one I truly want to go to)
2. Fort Campbell
3. Fort Knox
4. Fort Bragg
5. Fort Bliss

And then in who knows what order:

Fort Irwin
Fort Polk
Fort Drum
A God-Forsaken Base in Alaska

Luke seems to think we'll get Campbell. I'm pulling for Carson but with the way life seems to go for me, we'll probably get Alaska. God knows that what I'll blog from there will be way funnier than anything I could come up with somewhere pleasant like Colorado.


  1. You just moved.
    And I'm rooting for Fort Campbell BECAUSE that's my neck of the woods and I visit that area often, which means chances of me seeing you for the first time in 5.5 years would be greater than if you moved to Alaska. Plus, it's a great place, really.

  2. Have you even unpacked yet from the last move? And why oh why would you ever rank Alaska as a possibility. I told Keith that if he ever got stationed in Alaska that I wasn't going with him. haha

  3. We had unpacked within the first four days .... I don't like boxes ;-).
    And we had to rank it because it was on the list of possibilities ... so we put it at the bottom ;-)

  4. ok, First, I know we now have the outcome. However, I would fully support you being stationed in Alaska. I would totally come and visit you. What an experience! seriously.
    Also, Colorado would be ok, but still kind of far... if I'm going to go that far, I want bang for my buck. just sayin'
    But as it is, KY will work... I bet there's lots of deals there... seems like a place where people would like their coupons. :)