Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh, Of Course

We're getting ready to leave this afternoon for our Christmas trip to Luke's home -- a two day journey through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and a portion of Ohio. With a toddler. And Elmo.

And of course this toddler is sick -- well, I think he is anyway. The doctor did not seem to agree.

Because I'm cheap we take full advantage of our practically free healthcare and use the on-post doctors, instead of paying to see someone elsewhere. No way am I doing that.

But the trade-off is that we see on-post doctors (I said that already but this time I mean "they are bad.") And so when I took my kid in Wednesday afternoon (in the middle of Epic Baking Day, pictures of which I will someday post) because his ear had drained and was gross, the doctor told me "he's fine." And when I pointed out a pussy eye, he said "allergies," and then prescribed a drop antibiotic for the ear (even though he's fine? what the ...) and an allergy medication.

I'm 99 percent sure neither are working.

And since his ear continues to drain once or a twice a day (which is groooooosssss) and his eye continues to be nasty, I'm pretty sure he is in fact sick and not allergic to God only knows what.

And this is what we're taking to the arctic Ohio with us. Aces.

(Oh yeah, I don't like Ohio in the winter because it's cold. Have I mentioned that recently?)


  1. I hope he gets to feeling better. Have a safe trip.

  2. sorry, doctors SUCK! LOL.
    Hopefully it's just a virus and Dave will get better soon...
    Have a SAFE drive ;) and stay WARM!

  3. Hey not all military docs are bad. Ask your friends who is good and maybe you can get in with them when you get back. Either way I hope he gets better very quickly and that the trip is easy.

  4. Dana -- the problem isnt the military docs ... it's the contractors. And sadly we don't have really ANY non-contractor docs in pediatrics at Benning. Also when you make an appointment you take what you get ... if you're picky you have to wait FOREVER. Ugh.