Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratefulness Everywhere

You can hit the little timeline of posts on the side of this page for Thanksgiving posts of yore. For now I bring you: annual "things I'm grateful for" post.

It's been a rough year -- that's not an exaggeration. There's been a whole hill of Army drama, personal drama and other drama making the ordeal rather, well, trying. And exhausting.

That brings us to this: I am grateful for all the wonderful friends and family who have helped us through it. Without them I wouldn't have been able to do six months without Luke and with an infant.

More things that I'm grateful for:

-- Baby Dave. As predicted last year he is cute, cuddly and super fun to tickle. But he's also some of the best company in the world, a really good listener and a true light on even the most down and hard day. I love that little boy SO much!
-- Luke. Even far away he is just the perfect support and person for me. I cannot believe how I lucked out in this deal.
-- My Army family. I can't even imagine how hard this would've been without them around. They have been and continue to be so important to me.
-- Coffee. For serious, folks.
-- God. We'll just say I saved the best for last. How could I have possibly get through any of this without Him to lean on?

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