Saturday, November 21, 2009

Idaho. No, you.

I'm pretty sure I've used that line before but I don't care. It's just that good.

I'm here at the Doolittle homestead for a week or so. I'd say my family wanted me to visit but you and I both know that this is about them hanging out with Dave.

Case in point:

My mom: "My grandson is here so I'm doing great."
Me: scowling look
My mom: "Oh, and my daughter."

So there's that.

Idaho is cold, per usual. Actually, it's not much colder than Seattle is right now... but HERE it is rather windy all of the time - a dry, unpleasant wind.

And Dave is sick. This is particularly un-awesome here in the Land Of Dryness. I had to buy a humidifier for his room so that he could breathe all night long (or, more accurately, so that he could sleep all night AND NOT WAKE ME UP). At home we don't have this problem because it is way too moist in the apartment as it is. Anyway.

The really funny thing about this situation is that the poor kid now has laryngitis. So. Pitiful. But sooooo funny at the same time. You can tell he's TRYING to make a loud noise, but it comes out in a very small squeak.

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