Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Luke Returneth!

Excellent news: it looks like Luke will be able to leave for home in about a week or so. Praise Jesus!

It is blowing my little mind how SOON that is! After almost 6 months on the dot of waiting to see him again, I just can't wrap my brain around it actually happening.

Six months of sleeping alone. Six months of eating like crap because I can. Six months of watching whatever I want on TV. Six months of taking care of a baby all by myself. Six months of anniversaries and birthdays without the person that gives them meaning. Six months of hard core safety and homecoming praying. Six months of memorials, FRG meetings, being supportive, being supported, BBBs, small group, plane rides and oh so much more ... without Luke.

And all of that is about to end. I am so happy!

I know the reintegration process is not going to be easy. I mean, for starters, I really do like sleeping diagonally and it is not going to be a cake walk giving that up. And then there is the (legitimately) harder stuff. He's seen a lot of things go down that I would care to never think about, much less experience. He's been somewhere very hot, and, well, I'm pretty sure that starts to melt your brain after awhile. He has yet to really experience Baby Dave in all of his glory -- and now Dave is 7-months-old.

I'm trying to brace myself for the worst. I pray that the good communication we've worked hard to develop through journaling, phone calls when they were available and care packages pays off and we are able to pick up right where we left off ... if not further along.

I've got plenty to do before he gets here. For starters, I'm in Idaho until Dec. 1. And then there is house cleaning, grocery shopping, other previous commitments, Karissa good-byeing, meetings, pie making, shopping, pedicuring and other various and sundry husband-coming-home tasks to accomplish.

All of these are important ways to fill the time. Time until I get to be married again. Time until Dave gets to have a daddy.

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