Saturday, January 30, 2010

Checking In

It's been a minute -- ok, more than a minute -- since I've checked in here.

Why? Well right now I'm watching Antiques Roadshow. Clearly this is taking up a lot of my time.

Just kidding.

Pretty much I've been crazy busy going to the Y. And exercising all of the time. And figuring out how it is that I'm stuck in this parallel universe where THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE NEVER EVER GOES DOWN!

I ask you -- how is this possible? I go to the stupid gym 6 days a week. 6 days! And run miles and miles (4.25 is the current record) and swim and do other hard core, painful stuff. Let me tell you, that's dedication. And I've been doing that since Luke got home so, almost a month. And while, yes, I haven't been eating the BEST but I certainly haven't been eating POORLY ... HOW HAVE I NOT LOST ANY WEIGHT?

I'm serious. .... number on the scale has not gone down one stupid single number. Blah blah blah I know gaining muscle, whatever. It would seriously be a confidence booster if it would go down a teensy tiny bit. Come on, give a girl a little love over here!

In related news, I discovered that Fort Lewis host three - THREE! - sprint length triathlons in the summer. And I convinced the lovely Alisha to join me! Bwhaha. (By the way, she is incredibly good with the cakes and with the craftiness. You should be her friend ... I think standing next to her makes me look good). So two points to me for having a tri-partner. Hopefully no surprise weddings will keep from actually COMPETING in my triathlon this time around.

So ... that's what I've been up. Exercising. Not loosing weight. That sort of thing.

... to keep you entertained, here's a recent photo of my adorable son ...and his daddy:

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