Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Less Boring

I felt yesterday's blog post was so boring that, after I got back in bed this morning when Luke left, I spent several quality half-asleep minutes vowing to write a WAY LESS boring post today.

But then I got up at a NORMAL PERSON TIME (in this case, 7:30 a.m.) and read my comments and discovered four! on yesterday's boringness ... that's like tying my all time high there, people (take that as a hint that you should comment more, mmmk?). Either it wasn't really that boring OR I just made you hungry and you had to comment. I'm going with the hungry.

In less boring news, David starts swim lessons today! I have this crazy idea that my kid is the next, next Michael Phelps. If that is true, then today is the day the beginning. I shall take pictures. I shall write a journal entry. I shall otherwise document its monumentalness. And then I shall put on my swimming suit and get in the pool for mommy-and-me swim class. ... anticlimactic, I know.

In case you were wondering, last night's alfredo shrimp was delicious, but mostly because I used the real deal half and half instead of the fat free stuff. It would've been better with fresh shrimp instead of frozen ones. That's what Luke said.

Tonight: black bean taco pizza. Ill copy the recipe if it ends up being delicious. If not, I'll spare you.

I've started watching Lost again. In doing so I remembered why I stopped watching it in the first place -- it stresses me out beyond belief. This is the same reason I don't like 24. Too much crazy. I've not found Heroes stressful because I'm watching it with Luke .. I think ... but there is the possibility that the later seasons will make me want to take a hot bath and decompress. Sigh.

I hope this has been more entertaining.


  1. SInce you've requested comments and I had something worth saying... Do not take pictures of Dave in the locker room!! We had a very very sad mishap with that. Lets just say Great-Grandma took a picture of Audrey in her swimsuit and accidently someone else not in a swimsuit behind her. Very embarrassing! But enjoy the lessons they're some of my favorite and funnest memories with Audrey.

  2. I hereby make a pledge to comment more often instead of cheating and reading blog updates on my Google Reader.

    Can't wait for pics and an update on the swim lesson!