Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything Changes - including where you go to read this

I am going to change blogger URLs.

I realize this is a dangerous move in that I am likely to drop all sorts of readers. That's why I'm going to leave this post up on the top for a week so you all can have a chance to let it sink in. 

Today I purchased my own domain name as I get ready to start my fellowship and dive head first into freelancing and actually, you know, working. I'd rather potential publishers not be confused between my work site with all my important and impressive information and this site. It's not that I'm embarrassed about this blog -- it's just a distraction. If it's read, that's more than fine. But I'd rather it not be the first thing they find. With the current URL that is a definite possibility. 

And so, after brainstorming possible titles while driving in the rain as I delivered food to a friend in need who lives waaaaaaaaaay too far away (like, an hour into the middle of nowhere) I came up with "Bumble Thrift" as my new handle.

I've picked this because more often than not this blog is about my attempts at thrifty and frugal living ... or, frequently, my bumbling failures. I do post personal stuff fairly frequently, but I'm slowly making it have something to do with frugality on some level.

I also changed the background here to distinguish it from the coming soon other Web site. I'm no Web site building whiz so it'll be pretty simple ... exactly like this one was before I changed it this evening.

(Can I just say how much work it was to find a blog background that was not overly cute? Tons.)

And so early next week the blog site you will want to go to will be: www.bumblethrift.blogspot.com

See you there!


  1. ummm...so that blog doesn't actually EXIST yet, right? I mean, couldn't you have at least waited until there was something THERE before telling me about it?!?

  2. No it does, I was just in the process of importing everything. You can see it now. You were like 20 minutes too early.