Friday, May 21, 2010

Sovereign God

Either God is completely sovereign, or He is not. Either He is completely in control, or He isn't.

I don't want to get into a theological battle over whether or not there are things that God allows us to make up our own minds about. For example, the debate of freewill v. predestination centers around the question of whether or not you are predestined to salvation or whether God gives you the option to choose or reject. That's not about whether or not He can intervene in your decision making process. That's about whether you do or not have the choice to resist. Even those who believe staunchly in freewill salvation believe that God can intervene and change hearts.

But to think that there are certain areas in which He simply DOES NOT intervene ever -- areas that seem arbitrary, at best, in their selection -- is absolute nonsense. Either He can intervene in everything, or He cannot. The thought that He leaves us absolutely to our devises and self made chaos without the ability to intervene is ridiculous. It also is terrifying.

God is sovereign, or He isn't. I cannot live in a world where I think that God cannot save me from myself.

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