Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a Moron

That's not new information.

This is a lesson in why you should never, EVER do anything when you're tired with compromised vision.

(Because when I'm tired I can't see as well).

I spent about an hour exporting and importing my blog last night to the new URL, only to discover this morning when I attempted to follow it that what I created last night was not ... it was .... no "h" in "thrift."

Copy editing was never my strong point.

So we'll be staying around here for another few days giving you all a chance to get the memo. I can't create the real URL like I was going to because blogger considers it already "taken" by this account (which is separate from the account all my other blogs are set up under ... a major fail on my part a few years ago that I can't fix now). My plan was to consolidate everything, but my stupidity last night made that, well, not possible.

We'll go ahead and say this is because I'm a full blown moron.

Unfortunately now when I switch URLs will come up as absolutely nothing. It will not redirect you. It will not do anything. You will be lost. And until I switch it over, bumblethrift cannot have anything on it. Another blogger system fail (combined with Major Amy Fail).

Sorry about that *cough* Abigail *cough*.

I'm going to go and try to not be a moron and convince myself that the hour I spent last night working on NOTHING was not a complete waste of time (and sleep).

Morale of the story (yes, Hyla, THIS is a morale): when in doubt, sleep first.


  1. I am VERY confused... I don't really know what's going on, but whether you blame it on my hair color (blonde) or blame it on something else, I really just don't understand! ha!

    you have TWO separate blogs that look the SAME but one has most of your posts and the other only has some? I thought you were making a whole NEW one for your Amy stuff and switching THIS one to your thrifty bumbling? very confused...i think i just confused myself even more.

    p.s. my word verification word is "roider." Is there something you need to tell me about your triathlon training?

  2. I am moving this one bumble thrift. But I set it under a misspelled URL. To set it up under a correctly spelled URL I have to completely eliminate this blog.

    That is all. The misspelled blog is a carbon copy of this one.

  3. I'm totally laughing about this one, Amy!!! hahaha!! I think YOU'RE the blonde ;-)

  4. so...first of all, I totally agree that sleep is always the best choice, especially if your eyes have started to sting from the light of the computer screen blazing in your face...I've made a lot of unnecessary online purchases under those conditions.

    also, you do know that you can move blogger blogs from one g-account to another, yes? Consolidate them all under one dashboard? Don't know if that was the action in question...

  5. This is why I don't have a blog. If I did would constantly have these kind of typos.

    I enjoy your blog (when I remember to visit) so thanks for all this effort. Hang in there!