Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dumbest Thing Ever? ... Could Be.

Yesterday marked a real milestone in my life -- I think I can officially rule the moment I watched my cell phone fly off the back of my car onto I-84 and under an oncoming semi-truck as one of the stupidest moments ever.

Or maybe just the moment I finally did something stupid that had very real consequences that affected no one, really, but myself.

I believe my exact quote was "Oh, no." (<---- but you have to imagine it being said like the character of "Pheobee" in "Friends" for it to have real impact.)

And if you think THAT wasn't quite stupid enough, you should know this: it wasn't the first time. I did the same exact thing the day before, only that time the phone stayed put ALL the way from the yogurt place on Steilacoom Blvd to my friend's house in Dupont (about a 20 minute drive ... and I was going about 45 mph top speed).

You'd think getting out of my car and finding my phone sitting on the trunk would've taught me to never put it there ever again. But it didn't. And so yesterday when I got out of the car at a rest stop to quickly help Dave before jumping back on the road (Luke was trailing in our second vehicle) and set my phone on the trunk while I took care of business I distinctly thought "don't forget you put that there."

... then I helped Dave, got back in the car and got back on the highway.

... and looked up just in time to see it go FLYING off the back, a black spot in my rear view mirror, hurling through the air, landing on the ground and bouncing SUPER high (that rubber case did its job!), landing back on the ground, skipping a foot or two and .... going underneath a semi where I'm assuming it met its final demise.

There's a lot of thoughts that go through your head in that split second. "Oh no," "well crap" and "I could go back and ... um ... yeah that's not going to work. So that's gone now" are among them. Because that was my only connection to Luke in the other car I pulled over on the shoulder to wait for him to pass, trusting he'd see the emergency flashers and join me shortly.

He did. And like a champ he offered to go back and look for it. I had visions of that ending with HIM squished under a semi so I said "um thanks Babe but... no." And we went on our way with a plan of where to meet up next.

The story ends just fine -- many of my contacts and my entire calender are synced with google, so I can get them back just dandy. I got a new blackberry (almost got a droid but decided to stick with what I know until the iPhone is an option). And all is right with the world.

But let this be a lesson to you: don't put your phone on your trunk! For reals.


  1. Kinda reminds me of that email forward that starts out, "If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, don't try to get them back, because man, they're gone." :-)

  2. Hey at least you get a new phone :-D

    Also, how do you sync your contacts into google? I must do this because within a short time Bella will surely break my phone.

  3. You should know that Nathaniel read this before i did and when I went to his house the other night, he showed me his sunglasses frames and announced that they had been "Bushatzed". He's adopted that word to mean that the item flew off the car to its demise!

  4. See that just makes it sound like I destroyed his glasses - which I did not. But otherwise I approve, hah.