Thursday, October 21, 2010

Settled In -- Bleeding Stopped

We've settled into our new place almost completely -- and the money bleed-out has ended. I think finally getting our stuff Monday made me realize that, nope, I don't have to buy everything again. I could feel the contentment hitting. It was a good feeling.

We spent all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday unpacking. I'm not 100 percent on this -- but I think all of the boxes are out of the house. THAT is a marvelous feeling. We also were able to buy new bedroom furniture (something we've wanted to do for a long time) for a decent price from a local furniture store. It is also assembled and in place. Yay.

One of the downsides of moving -- at least military moves -- is that your stuff gets lost or broken. Military movers are notorious for this. While we are only missing a lamp (the shade for which did make it here and, yup, is broken), someone out there is missing a softball bat and a giant steel rod. How do I know that? Because they are sitting in our attic space.

At some point in the near future we'll submit a little form with all the broken and hurt things (lamp shade, all six of chairs dented and scratched, two IKEA dressers destroyed) and hopefully get some sort of compensation out of it. We'll have to replace some of those things (like the guest room bed -- they lost all of the parts, including the feet) but most of the stuff is "eh," and I wasn't that into it to start with -- it won't be missed. Hopefully this will mean a nice check for the savings account.

In other news -- if I'm not that upset about this stuff being broken or destroyed, why did I own it to start with?

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  1. Gonna admit - I'd be a little pissed if someone else broke my stuff.