Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sticker Shock

Remember back when I was all "I shall throw out everything I've ever owned because, alas, I have too much crap?"

Yeah, that was a good feeling compared to this feeling.

Because this is the feeling of spending tons of money, with no end to the splurge in sight.

It's not that we are buying things that I do not want ... it's just that I can feel my penny-pinching soul melting into the ground as I buy towels at Walmart instead of shopping around even a little bit.

This is the problem with things you need pronto. I'll hit up Marshalls and Home Goods to see if they have a cute little table for the entry way because life will continue on quite nicely without one for a bit. But that new second bathroom MUST be furnished.

Another killer: baby gates. If we want to paint without worrying about the child falling head first down a huge flight of stairs, we need a baby gate ... and I mean right this second. No time to look in a few thrift stores so that I can spend $15 on two instead of $80. That's the kind of savings that's worth the time ... but I don't have the time right now.

Then there are the really unavoidable things. In Washington we were able to keep our car insurance out of Ohio, where Luke's "home of record" is. Georgia is apparently populated by strict policemen who insist you have Georgia based insurance if you are a resident ... and so we had to switch our policy to this state at an increase of $150 over six months.

Uncool, Georgia. Uncool.

The good news in the midst of all this spending is that it means we do have a place to live -- a very nice place -- and that our stuff is coming Monday. (which is far away but ... I'm going to be positive about this).


  1. Ah yes, even from this great distance (physically and chronologically) I remember the GA annoyance of in-state car insurance being way more expensive than OR insurance. Especially since the family biz is insurance.

    When we did military moves, I waited 12 weeks once for my household goods to arrive and 8 weeks another time. Those were all crossing large bodies of water though...! I'm glad your wait is much less! My husband was "conveniently" in the field or deployed when household goods arrived - may that not happen to you ever!

    The move of my oldest child went well recently! Her household goods arrived instantly, but one of her roommates didn't factor in the Columbus Day postal holiday and was waiting for hers! Bummer.

  2. Welcome to the south where sweet tea is mandatory and fried chicken is a religion. It's a great place to be.

  3. I don't LIKE sweet tea! It tastes like tea with too much sugar. I know this is the point but, nasty.