Monday, November 15, 2010

Craftiness Abounds

I have pictures coming, um, later of my extreme craftiness over the last few days. Before pictures only work, however, if you take .. therefore of the guest room they are all "after" pictures. Oh well.

For now let's just say it turned out wonderfully, very cheery and not at all scullery maid quarters like. (Since that's what we were working with before). And bonus -- the guest liked it too (or so she claimed).

The little Extremely Ugly table for the bathroom is in process, but it's going to take some serious sort of something to get that tile glue off of there. Seriously folks, do the world a favor and dont glue bathroom tile to the top of a table in a very ugly manner. And don't then spray paint it brown.

Meanwhile I am attempting to order Christmas cards, and bemoaning the fact that it does not appear that I will be able to get them all on the free like I did last year. Major bummer.

Busy day ahead here with grocery shopping, working (a little), house keeping, laundry, a doctor's appointment for Dave (including shots -- boo), making this delicious sounding food for dinner (using squash that I purchased, roasted and froze two weeks ago -- go me!) and attempting at some point to go to the gym. ... that part may not happen.

Maybe a commissary spending report later? It's embarrassing at this point so I'd rather not talk about it.

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