Thursday, November 18, 2010

Play Date Day

Moving is tough business for so many reasons. You leave behind things and, more importantly, relationships in which you took comfort and now you are faced with somehow finding replacements.

I hate replacement shopping.

Because that is exactly what it feels like, shopping. You have to "shop" for a church (we've been spared from that this time as we've decided to just attend on the post chapel). You have to "shop" for friends (admit it, it's true ... and a lot like dating. I hate dating). You have to "shop" for friends for your kids.

It sucks.

Fortunately there's been a bit of a light in the tunnel for me this past week. At our Wednesday night Bible study last week I met someone else named Amy (what IS it with me and people that share my name?) who possesses a variety of traits that are really important to me. ... like a love of Diet Coke and the abundant use of sarcasm. Bonus: she is also in need of friends. That's helpful.

Today is particularly exciting because she is bringing her little girl over for a play date. I do believe this is our first official play date ever. A big moment in our household!

Meanwhile, over in frugal land, we have the additional challenge of figuring out what to make for dinner. The husband promised deer meat (even though I think it sounds nasty) but then that didn't work out ... so the menu is now blank with the exception of the squash that was going to be served as a side and the pie I'm making him later. Maybe side squash and pie ARE enough ... hmmmm. ...


  1. YES! Making friends IS like dating! I hate it too. :-p

  2. Play dates (with my nanny children) were always interesting for me because let's be honest, some moms are weird and their children are treated more like science projects then hearty youthful individuals who are capable of climbing playground equipment, tripping, falling and being okay.

    It takes a cool mom to pull off a play date and I have no doubt you fit in the category of coolness!