Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Cable Company: I Hate You

Here in military housing land we have one option and one option alone for cable/internet/tv service: Windjammer Cable.

And it sucks. The internet connection frequently drops or is really slow and the digital tv feed is garbled about half the time. I have no complaints about the phone service (yet), other than when the internet collapses, so does the phone.

Like right now.

I run a business out of my home, a business in which I talk on the phone, receive phone calls and use the internet. I don't have extra time on my hands to mess with a service for which I pay.

What's particularly annoying about this is that we don't have a choice. This is the only service provider available on post. Take it or leave it is the message.

We'll see how long this particular outage lasts. I'll be asking for a credit to our account regardless. HOW am I supposed to be productive with this going on (or, um, I was right in the middle of stalking someone on Facebook when it died! Uncool)?!

Here's to getting something done regardless. Meh.


  1. Anything named 'windjammer' is probably a horrible idea.

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  3. Hello Amy,
    Sorry to hear about your trouble with Windjammer.

    My name is Darren and I'm a consultant with the company. You can leave a message for Phil Spencer (CEO) at 1 877 566 2430.

    He will have a tech get out to your house immediately to see what's wrong.

    Or, you send an email to

    I hope this helps get you on track with your Windjammer services.

    Best Regards,