Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Planning Aholics

Dave's birthday party is one week from today. Against the advice of the lovely Alisha (who thinks I should hold everyone is suspense regarding our plans and general craftiness surrounding the day), here is the run down of all the little things we are doing/making for the party. ... so you can see just how crazy this has gotten:

First, this is the happy birthday sign Alisha and I made.

We also made a sign for his high chair yesterday, but it's in the car and Luke took the car so I can't take a photo of it.

Here is the super cool party hat, modeled by a very wiggly David. I need to add some elastic to keep it on his head.

Next, I made this bib for when he eats cake.

We've also been working on the food list ... Alisha will be making him a gorgeous cake, so that's taken care of. The rest of the food ...

-- Chocolate covered bananas!
-- Veggie tray/ dip
-- Meat and cheese tray (made by me because buying one is waaaaaay pricey, unlike the veggie tray which Ill be buying from Costc0)
-- Punch
-- Monkey mochas (made by me ... basically a coconut/chocolate latte)
-- Some other sort of snacky/salty thing. Chex mix? Pretzels? Unclear.
-- Paper products from the dollar store

Now I know you are asking "Ms. Budget lady -- what about your budget???" ... well, we DO have a budget for the party. So far I am under it, and the above food should be around $30. Our budget for the shindig is $100 (you only turn 1 once!).

So, stay tuned (next Saturday!) for the party details and photos and ... fun. All sorts of fun.


  1. I read this, and then I remembered something very similar I had read a few days ago on Awkward Family Photos that reminded me of your extensive birthday planning. You'll get a kick out of it (and just remember, you could always be worse... like these people):

  2. too cute!! youre doing a great job Amy!!