Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sorry for my absence from here for the last week.. I'm a bad blogger.

My time in D.C. was WONDERFUL. Whoever said it was going to be hard to be away from David for the first time for that many days was WRONG. It was awesome! I did feel a tiny bit guilty for not feeling particularly guilty on his first birthday, but whatever. He didn't even know it was his birthday anyway.

What I want to D.C. for in the first place (no: it was not only to eat delicious food, although that worked out too) was a complete success. I am a winner of one of this year's part time Phillips Foundation journalism fellowships to study (and eventually write about) the divorce rate in the military and the effort to help military marriages. It's going to be a LOT of work and it's stressing me out big time right now even thinking about fitting that in with my current life. Things are busy as it is ... and now I have a part time (but who are we kidding ... I'm not going to stop at 20 hours a week) job on top of that all? And one that requires I work from home and talk on the phone WITHOUT a baby crying in the background. How to do this with Dave is beyond me.

Fortunately I know God is going to make it all work out. But still. Stressin'.

I'll be posting in the next few days on my most recent frugal fail as well as a triathlon training update (because I know you all care So. Much.) ... that, however, will feature an extremely unflattering photo of me wearing a tri-suit, by far the most unflattering piece of clothing on the planet. Think unitard meets bike shorts. ... not cool, folks. Not cool at all.

But I know you'll come back for it.

I also have words to say regarding my Personal Spiritual Mecca and the amazing things God reminded me of during a Saturday night service at Ebz.

Meanwhile, lentil casserole for dinner. (Potentially) More yummy than you think.


  1. Ugh. Lentils.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your DC trip. And congratulations on the grant! You're going to do great!!

  2. Congratulations on the internship! :-) Louise (one of Abbey's NZ friends)