Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Take

We returned from Ohio Tuesday mid-day ... and I say mid-day meaning mid-the-longest-day-ever.

That trip is just BRUTAL. To start with, his parents live a solid 1.5 hours from the airport. Add that to gaining three hours on the way home and the fact that our flight is always at o'dark thirty (in this instance -- 7:15 a.m.) and you get one very, very long day.

Now I'm catching back up on life.

One of the joys of coming home is getting several days of mail at once. I LOVE that! And Tuesday's take did not disappoint. Check out all the free stuff that came while I was gone! And note that this photo is missing a full sized bottle of panteen that was waiting at the leasing office when I took the picture. There are also several high valued coupons pictured here that resulted in free stuff from the grocery store ...

So far this is our stockpile of mailed freebies ... minus the things that I've used.

Yesterday I took my giant pile of free stuff and high value coupons to the commissary. My lofty goal was having $40 in coupons. I missed it, but not by a ton: the final tally was $31.43. Had I used all of my free stuff coupons I would've made it, but they didn't have the exact product I wanted so I decided to save it for later.

Here's the free stuff I ended up with yesterday ... not pictured is a bottle of vitamin water I drank on the way home:

You know how much I looooove saving money. Love, love, love, love, love.

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