Monday, March 29, 2010

The Stomach Virus Diet

Since writing last week I have:

-- Contracted Dave's stomach bug
-- Got Luke back from D.C.
-- Ran 4 miles
-- Worked on Dave's birthday hat
-- Went on a Daveless date with Luke
-- Contracted someone else's stomach bug
-- Shared it with Luke
-- Recovered
-- Swam 2 miles
-- Worked on hat some more

And that pretty much covers it. When the hat is done I'll post a little tutorial as long as you PROMISE to prefect the process if you do it yourself. And by "you" I mean "the readers I assume I have" since SO FEW OF YOU EVER COMMENT.



Having a stomach virus is an excellent way to loose weight -- but I'm not sure it has a lot of staying power. After one week and two diseases I now weigh less than I have in YEARS. ... now if it would only stick. Sigh.


New favorite Gilmore Girl quote:

"I thought it was 'Cafe O'Le!' as in 'Coffee -- ALRIGHT!'"


We leave for Ohio on Thursday for a little Easter vacation. I am excited to announce that it is actually going to be WARM while we're there! An excellent improvement to what it was this past weekend ... SNOWING. Not cool.

Back here in Washington State land it has been absolutely pouring rain. I know, I know "but it always rains there." And that is true -- however not like this. It blew. It poured and poured and poured. And then it stopped and got sunny and I thought "hmm ... let's go on a run!" ... but then I undecided and THANK GOODNESS because it quickly got VERY cloudy again and started pouring more than before. I'm going to need a kayak just to get to the grocery store. ... oh! And I'll carry Dave in a papoose! So convenient.


  1. The skit deserved no mention?
    I heard we were good!

    Hope your travels go well!

  2. I apologise for my poor commenting. It has been raining here to. Raining and cold. It was warmer during the Olympics. The Winter Olympics. Back in Winter. Have fun in Ohio and I hope you get good weather for your dress. And photos of said dress.