Monday, March 15, 2010

Flip: Cloth Part IV

Seeing him is a total bonus to reading my blog.

We got our first Flip diaper in the mail Saturday and tried it as soon as we prewashed the insert several times to make sure it does what it's supposed to do.

You'll recall that this is the diaper that I'm hoping to use full time. But of course we want to test drive it first.

I'm happy to report that we've yet to experience any trouble with it as yet. We are to receive more inserts for it today, so starting tomorrow we'll use it full time! We'll see how that goes.

Flip pros (thus far): It's snaps. Velcro can wear out, but the snaps aren't likely to tear.
Unlike some of the other diapers I've tried, it's trim. This was my main complaint about the pre-folds -- bulkiness! This doesn't seem to be a problem with this one.
It is supposed to grow with the baby. After I've collected a pile of these I'll never have to buy any again. Score!
It doesn't seem to be gapping in the leg. I don't like gapping.

Flip cons: The insert moves. Because it fits under these handy little flaps (which make changing a breeze) but doesnt snap to anything it can move during changing, especially with a kid as squirmy as Dave. I suspect this is just going to take practice and will be fine later, but you never know.

It has been a full week since we started on this clothing diapering journey and I have learned a few things and been surprised by a few things.

First and foremost surprise: I actually like pre-folds equally or more than any of the other diapers. I haven't gotten one on Dave yet when he's being REALLY wiggly, but other than that they are just as great others. And cheaper.

I do NOT like the gro-baby diapers. They leak. I thought for sure this would be my favorite type, but just kidding, it's not.

I don't really have pros or cons about the fuzzi bunz or the bum genius diapers. Someone pointed out to me yesterday that you really are only supposed to use a cover one time (which makes the whole thing even stupider ... why would you use something you have to have a bajillion covers for? What's the point of it having an insert if you cant use the cover for several changes? dumb). So that's a con but other than that: whatever.

Now we have a new question: to use disposable or reusable wipes? We'll discuss later.

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