Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day of Rest

I like Sundays. I cannot imagine it as anything except a day to relax, take stock of life, spend time with family and contemplate God in one way or another.

Sunday is also the day the Sunday paper comes (crazy, I know) with allll of my coupons in it! Woohoo! Today was the coupon mother load with three huge coupon inserts ... and one of them will be available AGAIN tomorrow at the commissary. This is exciting. (You think I'm a dork. That's cool).

This week's selection included a few coupons for our normal food stuff (like tortillas!) that we'll be able to use for upcoming dinners. Neat!

Because of a few nights last week that did not go as planned (examples: my stir fry debacle and a late work night for Luke) we have a few leftover meals from last week. Neat! Less money that needs to be spent this week! Here's what we've got going this week:

BBQ Chicken (by Luke)

Tomato soup and grilled cheese

And that's it!

As we know, my grocery list has a habit of growing when I'm not paying attention. How does it do that?! Regardless, right now we've got about 20 things on our little list. We'll see what ACTUALLY ends up happening tomorrow.


  1. dang it, I knew I should have picked up a paper. Oh well...

  2. Hey Amy, just wanted to say that I totally admire you for having a weekly dinner plan and being coupon-happy. You're an inspiration. :-)