Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Dave Stuff

It's been a while since I posted a little update on Dave. This occurred to me as I was laying in my bed at 6 a.m. listening to him cry. It seems like everyday he wakes up earlier ... and we don't get up until 7 a.m., period, end of story. He can cry. I don't care. ... except that it's annoying.

So there's that.

First you must be reminded of how cute he is! So here's that:

It seems like every day he gets more curious and learns more cute and new things. Right now we spend a LOT of time putting shapes into one of those shape balls. I make sure to say the color and shape every time. It's super fun. After we are done with that game (read: I get bored) we play with the ring stacker. And THEN we play with his cell phone.

This game goes like this. First I pick up the phone and say "Hello? Oh yes, Dave is right here." And then I hand the phone to a very smiley Dave, and he does this:

In other news, he now has THREE teeth, soon to be four or six (I suspect). We are also still doing swim lessons, which continue to be super fun but at a very bad time (seriously -- who has swim lessons for babies at 530 p.m.?!), loving the bath (I mean, who doesn't?) and learning to crawl.

Crawling, apparently, is very hard. Up until this point he has just been rolling. Lots and lots of rolling all around. Recently we've moved on to mostly low crawling. And NOW he is getting up on his knees. Example:

He also LOVES standing at the couch, but only when there's something interesting on it that he's probably not supposed to touch.

And last but not least, he's learning to eat real people food. Pretty much anything on MY plate that I want to be eating is of interest. If it's actually FOR him, he doesn't really want it.

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  1. Aww, so sweet. Dave seems like a fun kid, I think he and Simon would get along quite well. You seem like a fun mommy too. ;)