Monday, March 8, 2010

The Adventure Begins: Cloth Part I

It was an exciting day in our house -- the cloth diapers came! It was particularly exciting that they came in the morning because, for some reason, I NEVER get hit by the morning UPS guy, only the late evening one.

So, here's what I got:

In case I didn't mention it or you missed it, this is my trial pack from seller Jillian's Drawers. This company has a $10 try-cloth-diapers rental program. I put down a deposit (most of which I get back when I return the box in a few weeks) and for $10, plus shipping, I get to give a variety of cloth diapers a try. For a complete cloth diaper virgin this is a great idea. It allows me to try out a lot of different kinds of diapers without having to actually BUY any. Using this I'll be able to figure out what I like and go from there. Genius.

Before using any of these I had to prewash them. Prewashing is not as simple as it sounds. The inserts have to be washed, and washed and washed again just to make sure they are super absorbent. This is obviously something we don't want to skimp on since being not absorbent will result in Dave using his pants as his diaper. Not cool. Both the diaper covers and inserts had to be prewashed separately.

So we sorted them (yes, on the stove. The table was ... busy). On the far right are the inserts. In the middle are the covers. On the left are the unbleached inserts which, annoyingly, have to be prewashed separately:

... fast forward like six hours. Dave, who has approximately 3.5 teeth, had an incredibly cranky day. As he doesn't like getting his diaper changed to start with, he was in a particularly good mood.

I decided to start our adventure with the classic prefold diaper. This is what most people (including myself) think of when they think "cloth diaper." It must be folded around the kid and pinned on in one way or another.

All of this assumes that the baby will NOT be wiggling and throwing a temper tantrum.

They assumed wrong.

After failing to get it on Dave at all I gave up and moved on to the gro-baby diaper which has a diaper cover and a snap-in insert. Very fancy. Very handy. Very easy to get on crying Dave.

The finished product:

.. I'm sorry, I could've posted a picture that left out his face. But this was just too pitiful not to include. Please note: he took (an extra) nap immediately after this.

Meanwhile we are going to use a disposable at night until he gets off this current filling his diaper at 5 a.m. after it's already REALLY wet thing. Gross. (And if you think that's TMI ... why did you read a post about diapers?!)

Tomorrow: renewed efforts at pre-folds. I. Will. Conquer.


  1. I'm an anxious follower of your cloth diaper adventure. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Cloth diapers have really come a long way since my little brother. Not stabbing yourself in the finger with the pins must be a bonus.

  3. Very excited to hear your thoughts. I may venture into this world for baby #2 (which has yet to be conceived so we do have a little bit of time).
    Have fun, alissa

  4. Yes this IS fascinating ( and look at all the comments!!) and I especially love the realism of sorting things on the stove and the screaming baby. THIS is real life and I appreciate it! ;-)

  5. Excited to find out what your favorite brand is as I'm researching cloth diapers right now too. Although less hands on as it's only through internet and friend reviews.

  6. That trial is awesome! Someday when we have kids I'd like to use cloth... but there are so many choices and who knows if I'd really like it when the rubber meets the road.

  7. Ha! The table was busy - I so have been there (ahem, am there currently).

    Love the idea of a diaper test pack to check out different kinds. Genius, inded.