Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Today. No. Way.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I. Love. Sleeping. I love it out of practicality - that enough sleep equals happiness, function, productivity and, frankly, a much more pleasant Amy.

Not enough sleep = the exact opposite.

Jesus, of course, knows all about this - which is why he gave me a magic baby the first time around who also loves and appreciates sleeping. When Luke deployed right before Dave's 5 week birthday, it was no big deal because me and the magic baby were quite happy together. And well rested.

Now, let's talk about Huck. We don't know anything about whether or not he loves sleeping. But we do know that he is coming soon -- and I mean SOON (we're inducing the 17th if he doesnt come sooner ... which seems to be a strong possibility from what the doctor said Monday). And we do know that regardless of how much an infant loves sleeping, he needs to eat in the middle of the night. Both mom and baby must suffer for a little bit.

The best thing I can do to prepare for this is sleep. A lot. RIGHT NOW.

Two nights ago when I was having trouble sleeping I popped some nighty-night tylenol ... the same Monday night. Last night I thought "surely we don't need to have that kind of hangover every morning," so I didn't.

I deeply regret this decision. I am now functioning on about 5 hours of tossing and turning. And since it would be just MEAN for a baby to born during the day after such poor rest, I am banning Huck from entering the world until tomorrow at the earliest.

All in the name of rest.


  1. Well, he needs to stay put. A jumped the gun and came 3 days before I was due to be induced. I think the universe still owes me 3 nights of sleep. Sleep as much as you can!

  2. For some reason I always went into labor unrested. I never woke up in the morning and went into labor. That would have been

    Hope you can get lots of sleep right now!

    It was good to finally meet you :)