Saturday, March 17, 2012

Precious Moments

I have 16 minutes until I need to wake-up my new son Huck for his first meal of the "night," trick him into going right back to sleep, and crawl into bed myself.

Yes, my "new son" Huck.

That's because on Wednesday after a super surreal six hours watching TV in the hospital, I pushed a whole human out my body. Bam. Done. And then I was escorted to another room, fed what may have been the most delicious Subway sandwich of my life and basically went on vacation ... if on vacation you are awoken once every three hours by nurses.

It was actually pretty great.

And now we are home - not quite back in reality, but home. Our dear friend and fake Mommy/Grandma is here for 10 days to feed and water Dave and I, play with cars on an endless rotation and burp gassy Huck while I take an afternoon nap.

We'll be really sad when she leaves in a week. And that's when reality -- REAL reality sets in ... me. alone. with two children. and a job starting back up a week and a half later.

Our plan of action for the next week is to ease back into real life as slowly and seamlessly as possible. We'll try different tasks and outings with the extra help along and deal with day-to-day things slowly so that I'm not overwhelmed when it's just me and not a single other person taking care of everything all the time.

Huck is as much of an angel baby now as his brother was at this point ... but he's only had three days to show his salt. Cross your fingers for me! Amys need all the sleep they can get or they are NOT very nice.

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  1. You're my hero on many levels! Rest up and enjoy getting nestled in with your new baby boy. <3