Sunday, December 14, 2008

Found. Whew.

Rather than updating the last post AGAIN, I thought I'd stop by a new one and say ....

The long lost book is called "The Runaway Teddy Bear." It only took me typing in "bear" as a search in the childrens' book category and scrolling through 70 of Lord knows how many pages to find it. That's dedication, people.

In other news, friend Dana turned me on to Freecycle, a message board where people give their stuff to other people who need it. I was hesitant at first because, well, I don't like message boards. But Dana is *very* persuasive (or I'm just a push over?) and I finally joined up.

My first post was, no, not in search of that dumb book, but rather a crib for the illustrious Baby B (who is reminding me of his presence even now by periodically punching me in the bladder and elsewhere). I reeeeeeeeeally don't want to buy a new crib or even buy a crib at all because the dream is that, by the time we move to Georgia or wherever they send us after Luke gets back from The Bad Place, Almost Toddler B can be persuaded to sleep in our "big boy" twin sized bed and we won't have a to haul a stupid crib across the country. Obviously there is a small chance that we will have a future use for said crib (let's not talk about that now though) so any investment in it would probably persuade me to take it with us.

But if it's freeeee ... yeah, you see my point.

So. Someone responded to my crib request this morning. I'm going to give her a call to get some details. Obviously I am not picky when it comes to landing free stuff, however, when it comes to Baby B *nothing* can be too good. We'll see what comes of this.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Told you it was good! I know I can seem pushy, but really it's just a great desire to be helpful :-D