Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Week's Worth of Interesting Things...

... So many interesting things, in fact, that I shall now make an index.

1. The trip to and from Idaho
2. Baby update
3. The Grinch who Tried to Steal Christmas
4. Deliciousness
5. Various Christmas gift highlights
6. Our gift from Comcast

Ok. Now let's get started.


The trip was pretty darn uneventful in and of itself, besides the fact that it took us FOREVER to leave home (we were going to leave at 11 a.m. but then Luke didnt get off until 2:30 p.m. ...) and we got accosted with a flying pebble, hurtling towards us slow motion like and chipping the windshield of Abigail's car on the highway. Erm.

We ended up stopping for the night because, well, I was tired, and driving the rest of the way the next day.

The way home was equally dull and ... dull. And then we got home.

(I realize this was a riveting way to start a post ... keep reading)

Ah, the baby. Everyone's favorite subject.

He's still in there, using my bladder as a trampoline. They claim he's getting bigger, but it's hard to tell looking at the mirror each morning. I will tell you that he kicks me more after I eat chicken than after I eat other things. Weird, but true. I have a doctor's appointment this coming week, the first in two months where they will weigh me. Day of reckoning. Sigh.

This year's Christmas grinch brought to you by an out of control semi and an icy Ohio road. In all serious, though, it was not cool. Luke and I were summoned from slumber Christmas Eve morning by a phone call from Luke's sister where all we could hear was her screaming hysterically to someone (not Luke) "WILL THEY BE OK?!?!" ... thats never fun. We hung up and called her back, only to find that they had just been in a really serious car accident. Luke's sister and dad escaped all but unscathed. The driver of another involved car, however, died at the scene, and his mom, who was driving, was in very critical condition for much of the day.

All in all, she she suffered a variety of internal bleeding (stopped through surgery that evening), a shattered leg, shattered pelvic bone and badly crushed hip. She is currently completely sedated and on a ventilator pending a third surgery Monday to start repairs on her pelvic bone. She is also in traction and will likely spend the next several months in the hospital.

Yeah. So that sucks. Please pray for her ...

Deliciousness = the apparently wonderful banana cream pie I just made for Luke. I am that kind of awesome.

Christmas was awesome (grinch or not). Luke got me lovely diamond earrings. Going out of business jewelry store sales are my absolute favorite. I also got Luke tickets to see Beethoven's 9th at the Seattle Symphony Jan 4 ... I am REALLY excited about that.

Best part of the day, however, was watching Patsy open her box of dress up clothes. We didnt tell her what the clothes were for, just gave her the box. The first thing she pulled out was a pair of velvet blue shoes that were clearly too big for her.

Shelly: Oh Patsy, do you think those will be too big for you?
Patsy: Well probably, Shell, but I can just use them for dress up.

And that exchange happened exactly like that for the rest of the box, at least 15 or so items. She was so cute. I wonder if she was thinking "you dunces. you got me a bunch of clothes that are too big!" ... but of course she didn't say that. She just said "dont worry, I can use it for dress ups!"


Now, the gift from Comcast is completely unintentional, I'm sure (that or a reeeeally bad marketing strategy). A month or more ago I surprised Luke by getting him basic basic cable, you know, the kind that is network only, so that he could watch a football game on ABC. We would've just used bunny ears, only they wouldn't work. Erm. So we pay $13 a month to get HD Network channels.

Now, at one point in the past we had regular cable, the kind with USA and TNT, but got rid of it when I convinced Luke that we really didn't *need* it (plus I absolutely hate having ESPN on ALL of the time and Luke constantly flips channels which drives me nuts-o).

We had the $13 for a few days before we discovered that we got a few bonus channels including TBS and the Gold Channel (guess which one I like). But TODAY Luke discovered that we pretty much get ALL of the cable channels we don't pay for, including TLC, HG-TV, TNT, ESPN, ESPN 2, etc. (Guess which I'm excited about again).

Obviously I'm not so keen on having those dumb sports channels back, but for almost free ... eh ... I'll live. Plus Luke is SO excited. A few minutes ago he did a happy dance and ran over to give me a high five.

Luke: We have ESPN!!!!!!!(!!!) that's all I care about!!!!(!!!!)
Amy: Yeah, but what about ESPN 2??
Luke: That's just extra bonuses!!!

And then, out of nowhere after several minutes of silence.

Luke: Ah boy! I'm SO HAPPY!!

Haha. Kinda of makes having to watch sports worth it.

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  1. It is my belief that if you don't have a kid for Christmas, you should rent one. Having Lana was so much fun... I gave her beads and a pink purse and a glockenspeil. She would just scrunch up her eyes and clap her hands... and jingle her beads together and hug them around her neck. Happy sigh...